It originated from the lands between the Godavari and Krishna rivers and was based at Amaravathi and Dharanikota. Kakatiya dynasty Ramagiri Fort ruins at Kalvacherla in Karimnagar district is an ancient fort initially built by the Sathavahanas and modified many times by other dynasties till 16th century Kota Gullu , temple ruins built in the 12th century by Kakatiyas at Ghanpur, Mulug in warangal district The Telangana area experienced its golden age during the reign of the Kakatiya dynasty , which ruled most parts of the present-day Andhra Pradesh and Telangana from to CE. The dynasty weakened with the attack of Malik Kafur in and was dissolved after the defeat of Prataparudra by the forces of Muhammad bin Tughluq in On 21 September , the Golkonda Sultanate came under the rule of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb after a year-long siege of the Golkonda fort. He was later recalled to Delhi, with Mubariz Khan appointed as the viceroy. In , Qamar-ud-din Khan defeated Mubariz Khan to reclaim the Deccan suba, establishing it as an autonomous province of the Mughal empire.

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India is an ancient country dating back to several hundreds of years. Cities that were once centers of power and development stand today in ancient ruins or on archeological sites. Then there are towns and cities that have historical significance and continue to manage to hold together their past.

Will Durant American historian has written glowingly about Hindu art: From the time of Mohenjodaro to the present, through the vicissitudes of five thousand years, India has been creating its peculiar type of beauty in a hundred arts. The record is broken and incomplete, not because India ever rested, but because war and the idol-smashing ecstasies of Moslems destroyed uncounted masterpieces of building and statuary, and poverty neglected the preservation of others.

Probably no other nation known to us has ever had so exuberant a variety of arts. At Elephanta the Portuguese certified their piety by smashing statuary and bas-reliefs in unrestrained barbarity; and almost everywhere in the north the Moslems brought to ground those triumphs of Indian architecture, of the 5th and 6th centuries, which tradition ranks as far superior to the later works that arouse our wonder and admiration today.

The Moslems decapitated statues, and tore them limb from limb; they appropriated for their mosques, and in great measure imitated, the graceful pillars of the Jain temples. Ferguson had counted some thirty southern temples any one of which, in his estimate, must have cost as much as an English cathedral. Here, Ferguson adds, “the artistic combination of horizontal and vertical lines, and the play of outline and of light and shade, far surpass anything in Gothic art.

The effects are just what the medieval architects were often aiming at, but which they never attained so perfectly as was done at Halebid. But this was a common achievement of the Hindu artisans. At Ellora, a place of religious pilgrimage..

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Posted in Education Hyderabad by newsinhyderabad QI would like to know about career prospects in Anatomy as I am pursuing under graduation in life sciences? Kesavan, Nagapattinam Anatomy is the branch of biology that deals with the structure and organization of living things. It can be divided into animal anatomy moscoa and plant tapugay phytotomy. Furthermore, anatomy can be covered either regionally or systemically, that is, studying anatomy by bodily regions such as the head and chest for the former, or studying by specific systems, such as the nervous or respiratory systems for the latter.

Strengths Together the population of the entire urban conglomeration of Vijayawada and Guntur, would be around 2 million, equivalent to Vizag, and creating a Twin Cities ala Hyderabad-Secunderabad.

Karnataka Travel More info: Aromatic coffee, areca nut and sandalwood plantations are some more of its indispensable attractions. Karnatak tourism of India promotes various heritage tours of Karnataka that highlights the popular Hampi town, the historical Badami caves and many Hindu temples that have served as important factors in alluring tourists since ages More Info Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh More info: Destinations in Andhra Pradesh Amaravati: Amaravati is one of the most sacred pilgrim centre for Buddhists in South India.

Horsley Hills is one of Andhra’s three hill stations and is named after the Collector of Cuddapah district, W. Horsley, who chose this hill station as his summer residence.

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Amaravati might have been a regional centre for Mauryan rule. After the death of Emperor Ashoka , Mauryan rule weakened around BCE, and was replaced by several smaller kingdoms in the Andhra region. They played an important role in the history of Deccan during the 5th and 6th century CE, with Eluru , Amaravathi and Puranisangam.

See most popular tourist places to visit in Vijayawada, top things to do, shopping and nightlife in Vijayawada, find entry timings, fees about various attractions in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh The busiest trade centers of the city, bustling with activity and trade, Besant Road is .

Warangal is the district headquarters and the second largest city in Telangana after Hyderabad. It is also one of the famous weekend getaways from Hyderabad and an important historical site in Telangana. This is one of the popular places to experience Telangana tourism. Hanamkonda is its twin city. Warangal was the capital of a Hindu Shaivite kingdom ruled by the Kakatiya dynasty from the 12th to the 14th centuries.

Its old name was Orugallu where Oru means one and Kallu means stone. The entire city was reportedly carved using a single rock. The cultural and administrative distinction of the Kakatiyas was mentioned by the Bidar is one of the most popular tourist places to visit near Hyderabad and one of the famous Hyderabad weekend getaways from a two day trip.

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There are also surnames that indicate royal lineage of mudiraj people. The village accountant variously known as patwari, talatti, karnam, adhikari, etc. The position is known as the karnam or adhikari in Tamil Nadu, while it is commonly known as the talati in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The position was known as the kulkarni in Maharashtra, but the office of the kulkarni was abolished in and replaced with that of the talati.

Patwari is term used in Pakistan and India for a land record officer at sub-division or Tehsil level.

Why Special: • A visit to Andhra Pradesh is a delight for art lovers, naturalists, religious who never find a place like it owing to its.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is one amongst the largest zoos of India, sited in the natural surroundings of a reserve forest. Sprawled in an area of acres, the park was named after Indira Gandhi – the former Prime Minister of India. It was opened to the public in the year Kailasagiri Perhaps Kailasagiri is the most beautiful places in the expanse of Vizag. Perched on a hilltop, it is an interesting place that certainly looks like the abode of God.

It also offers spectacular view of both Rishikonda and Ramakrishna Beach. Over and above, the pleasant atmosphere and scenic beauty make this place worth-visiting. With a height of meters, the landmark is a rock in the shape of a Dolphin’s nose. It’s a promontory and also has a lighthouse, which is conceivably the oldest lighthouse in India.

Another interesting point about this lighthouse is that its beam can be seen from even 64 km out at sea. The attraction of the place is made by a lake that supplies water to the park, where slides and sports are attracting tourists and city-dwellers.

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Hyderabad is a mecca for cultural and architecture lovers. Couple this tourist tour with shopping at Laad Bazaar. The day will end with a return back to the hotel and overnight rest. When you arrive at the destination, a check-in to the hotel will be made.

Everyday Life in South Asia, Second Edition Diane P. Mines, Sarah E. Lamb Published by Indiana University Press summer of in the city of Hyderabad. The capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hy- male and female employees have been introduced at several call centers in Hyderabad to assuage family concerns about opposite-sex socializing. Vi-.

Salarjung Museum at Hyderabad Salarjung Museum Situated on the southern bank of the river Musi, the Salarjung Museum is the third largest museum in India housing the biggest one-man collections of antiques in the world. It is well known throughout India for its prized collections belonging to different civilizations dating back to the 1st century.

The collections left behind in his ancestral palace, ‘Diwan Deodi’ were formerly exhibited there as a private museum which was inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru in Later in , the museum shifted to its present location at Afzalgunj and is administered by a Board of Trustees with the Governor of Andhra Pradesh as ex-officio chairperson under the Salar Jung Museum Act of The Salarjung Museum is a royal treat to the connoisseurs with a collection of over art objects and books and manuscripts.

Middle Eastern Art contains the collection of carpets, paper manuscripts , glass, metal-ware, furniture, lacquer etc. Oil and watercolor paintings form an important part of the European Collection. The museum building in a semicircular shape with 38 galleries spread on two floors displays only a part of the original collections. The ground floor has 20 galleries and the first floor has 18 galleries.

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