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Password doesn t match. Jquery Slider Thumbnail Viewer. A few clicks to create stylish photo gallery webpage. Jquery Cycle Link To Slider. Posted by dOoBiX on August 2nd, at am. Wings of Liberty patch 1. This patch features significant user interface changes to.

terrible loading times (pc)?

In-game names of hackers may be posted, but only if physical evidence of hacking in a multiplayer game is provided. See this post for details. Absolutely no harassment or inflammatory language will be tolerated. Be respectful to users, their playstyles, and their platform of choice. Do not post spam or advertisements. Do not post any content not directly related to Star Wars Battlefront.

Nov 29,  · have thr same problem. i open the game, go to UT, go to online, search for opponents and takes forever to find one if ever. i have not been able to play online since Sunday. at least before the update i was waiting for min and finding an opponent. now, last 3 days i havent played one single match, Each time i tried for hours, and no result.

Seriously, why does it lag so much, why does matchmaking take forever to complete? Why the hell does the connection drop every 4 or so matches? It will drop if the host quits or if you get booted most likely Quote: This is no user error, i’m using a fiberglass line, NAT is open, ping is great. Everything on my side is accounted for. Just reread that once. What are you using the fiberglass for?

Did you make a hammock for your xbox? I just bought a year subscription again and it’s still as bad as last year, why the hell do we have pay through the nose for a online gaming service that’s mediocre at best. Goddammit i’m so angry i could turn my Xbox into sawdust, what a fucking waste! The service is actually really good. Just the game you are playing is full of quiters or people with bad itnernet.

I’m playing Modern Warfare 2. The fiberglass line is used for sending disaster back ups to my server at fixed times, i already checked for accidental backups but none get sent when i’m awake, not only that but my linksys routers are flashed with dd-wrt and xbox mode is turned on so there’s always enough bandwith reserved for my precious gaming habits.

Battlefield 3 Initializing Stuck forever.

Posted on 06 April 15 at I made the sacrifice. Gamer has been removed Posted on 07 April 15 at So now my 2nd 60 is the one I will primarily play.

Nov 01,  · Still getting that i have to buy bf3. I did find out your ea email and xbox email need to be the same. Changed them to match played co-op and multi for hours and still says to buy the game.

Ted Oct 14, Hi GAF, I need some game playing technique advice and I couldn’t quite find another thread to fit this fairly broad query into I’m in the process of moving from my primary platform being consoles to my primary platform being PC. So far I am enjoying the transition and all the exciting new things I’m learning bar a few frustrations around the complexity of picking parts but I have one worry I still can’t quite get over.. Whilst I don’t inherently disbelieve this I am really struggling to get over 20 or so years of using a controller and am finding mouse and keyboard to be actually quite bloody difficult.

I think the only way I can explain what I mean properly is with specifics so I apologise in advance for a lengthy, badly formatted and probably badly written post I assumed I’d find movement the hardest thing to get used to but actually find WASD fairly intuitive. It’s shooting that I find hard. Two main problems really First, I aim at a bad-man and then click the left mouse button to shoot them but the mouse sensitivity or my poor fine motor control mean the very action of clicking moves my aim a pixel or three and I miss.

Usually followed by the bad-dude turning round and shooting me in the face. I think I’m basically finding it difficult to retain enough grip on the mouse to ensure that I’m not moving the cross-hairs whilst remaining loose enough to quickly flick my view around. Is this some weird Ted thing? Is it my posture my forearms are on the desk so my hand and wrist are doing the movement?

Could it possibly be something that the same game on a PC would allow me to adjust around with settings akin to the variety of controller sensitivity options you get in console games I hear DPI a lot which I understand in concept but don’t have the experience to understand how it applies practically?

Why is skilled-based matchmaking always shot down?

No talk of the gameplay yet. It’s a YGO game, what do you expect? Dueling interface is pretty standard, there’s no “graphical” representation on the monsters like in the DS games. There’s a couple of cut-scenes for some Synchros but I turned those off the second I started playing so I can’t really comment on them. Be careful though, if you turn it off you have to do everything manually.

Aug 22,  · Since i now have a Mastery on my RPG for the RU side. I now have to work on IGLA’s And JAV’s for some service stars. IGLA’s take forever most of .

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To put it simply, the story mode of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT works like a skill tree, but instead of unlocking new skills you unlock event scenes that show about a minute of the story scenes each. The most effective way that has worked for me is to just spam online solo queue matches and hope to join a team of decent players. The downside here is that online matches can take anywhere from less than a minute to close to 10 minutes in my experience, but usually somewhere in the middle.

I have to pay five bucks for her (I know you can get her for free but winning matches is gonna take forever) that’s not a good deal I mean I have to pay five bucks for a character so I can pay even more money for that character to actually be good, naw that’s : 0.

CTF really does suck in BF3. Was just playing a round then in that desert factory map. CTF is very popular so the plebs must like it. As a result, I’ve found it hard to get into the dropship IFV to finish off that dog tag got it last night, finally , and the dropship is only on Conquest. But then I avoid servers with more than 32 players on Endgame — I don’t think it can handle it unlike Aftermath and Armored Krill for example. CTF spawn camping can be bad on Riverside, tends to be worse when there are more players.

Nothing wrong with flag camping — it is necessary — your team can’t capture the enemy flag if the enemy has your flag. I’ve managed to grab the flag and get home a few times on Riverside. You have to expect flag campers and take them out before trying to grab the flag. When I am on a bike and see my team mate on a bike with the flag, I try and ride nearby so that jav’s find it harder to lock onto the correct target.

I find choppers to be the biggest vehicle threat on End Game so I equip stingers. Can now fly and turn the jet enough with the mouse — just have to get used to it now. Put my mouse on Hz polling and Windows started beeping like crazy and mouse went dead while flying a chopper so I had to put it back to Hz.

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Battlelog Matchmaking Forever After making a slowass scan of the whole system, it invites the user to click on the repair button, except the mouse and the keyboard arent responding.. And sometimes, the alreadypoor performance of Flash is compounded by the often badly coded applications written for it. They literally torrented a crack of the game, and passed it off as an update patch. At one point, their UPlay software had an remote code execution bug.. Comparatively, other antiviruses would have detected the virus in memory, froze the PC, and instructed the user to reboot and run said antivirus from a “rescue” floppy to proceed.

Absolutely any Windows installer that ignores the default install directory in the registry and tries to put the app in C:

Jun 09,  · When I load up BF3 on origin it takes at least 5 mins before my browser opens but that’s not all. If I want to join a game I then have to wait for that, at least 10 mins this time. I don’t know how to fix this or why it is doing it:L Any information would be appreciated.

This post is Exemplary Feedback 7y I’ve been playing it for the past 3 hours. Here are some things that I noticed that are horrible about the game. There is NO main menu. The game launches through origin and your stats, server browsing, etc is done through your web browser Firefox, Chrome, etc. To join a server, Origin directs u to the BF3 website and has u pick a server or quick match. At the moment, they are all full and finding one is tough, I’m afraid to see what open beta will yeild.

Not entirely true, that statement came from DICE during Alpha stages of the game, but from what I’ve seen I can tell you that a single will do just fine. Those that played Alpha will notice a huge improvement. I dropped to 45 – 50 FPS during major explosions a tunnel blows up and smoke covers half of the map.

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It has been fixed. The “Spine Chill” and “Premonition” perks were not working correctly. They have been fixed. It should be used in a similar fashion as the Kill Your Friends Mode: Have a survivor host created click Survive With Friends from the Main Menu As the host, invite other survivors to the lobby. Once the party is formed, have all players ready-up.

Oct 10,  · BF3 is a fun game without a doubt and the ttk does feel better, however, with all the fixes and high tick-rate servers on the way.. BF4 offers more. Will always go back for a few games of BF3 .

We designed co-op to be the perfect blend between the strong narrative from single player and the open-ended action from multiplayer. We are fusing the replayability of multiplayer with a pick up-and-play mentality to create a totally new flavor of Battlefield. Co-op follows the same philosophy as our award-winning multiplayer game mechanics.

Teamwork is practically never forced upon you, but working together will make things much easier and — more importantly — lead to victory. For the most part, the missions in the co-op campaign are asymmetric. This means that one mission can have you piloting a helicopter while your friend is the gunner, for example. Other situations have one player disarming a bomb and the other one defending him.

Or as you could see in our press conference playthrough at gamescom you can do tandem kills to avoid detection.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined

Matchmaking is taking forever to find a game which it barely does and takes forever. When i do finally connect to a games usaully right before game starts either says .

One burdened with the inconveniences of an MMO and blessed with few of the advantages. It requires a permanent internet connection to play, public matchmaking and an auction house that lets the whole world share their wares. In spite of all that, there’s no wider society to Diablo 3. Each session is an insular carnival of violence. There are no guilds. There is no sense of community beyond the cold “buyout” button on the auction house.

I’m okay with that. I don’t need that social hit from Diablo 3.

Battlefield 3 Unleashed!

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