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TePe or not TePe: Wikimedia Commons via Becker Sorry for the long gap between posts: My sense of smell is a distant memory, so I really don’t feel like writing about perfume at the moment. I have even been off alcohol, would you believe, which goes to show how rough I have been, though last night I ‘made myself’ have a gin and tonic, as I still managed to get a massive amount done this week, and wanted to mark that achievement alcoholically, as I do. The lime was doubtless good for my throat anyway. I know, I know I promise they’ll be back , I would like to share my recent – and quite profound and far-reaching literally, haha – flossing epiphany. I will use a more or less chronological format for the flossing methods I have used over the years, setting out the pros and cons of each.

From The Rotor ride to 50p palm readings, here’s 24 things you should know about The Hoppings

Director Peter Sommer decided to leave London with wife Elin, 33, and Rebecca after filming a documentary deep in the Welsh countryside. The year-old said yesterday, “We moved to Wales to make the series that follows the lives of five people specialists, living and working the Welsh hill farm for a whole year and we decided to stay here.

Now living near Monmouth, he said, “I remember lying in bed thinking how she was growing up surrounded by constant noise, a continuous background hum, never mind the ambulance sirens that would tear up our road every day.

Grumman F9F Panther was the manufacturer’s first jet fighter and one of the U.S. Navy’s first successful carrier-based jet fighters. The Panther was the most used U.S. Navy jet fighter of the Korean War, flying 78, sorties and scoring the first air-to-air kill by the US Navy in the war, the drop of a North Korean Yakovlev Yak-9 fighter.

So, in at number 50 is But nobody wears them better. She now works as a caddie, but the tousle-haired double Curtis Cup-star has many other skills, including designing her own clothes. We spotted her recently at the opening of the new Westwood shop in Cardiff, sporting longer hair, and she told us she has an exciting project coming up. But the mother-of-one revealed one of her biggest ambitions is to sing on the soundtrack for the BBC series Merlin.

Not everyone can get away with a woolly hat you know. Get well soon Lorna. She started her cleaning company at the age of 18 and now employs 90 people. Nobody looks better with a mop. The film, out this Christmas, is going to make her an even bigger star. The epitome of glamour, she looks polished to perfection at all times. Get Me Out Of Here! Before going down under to star in the show, she enrolled on a six-month break from Albert Square which she kicked off by staying in a French yurt with her seven-year-old daughter Kiki.

Who says only blondes have more fun?

Green-fingered growers impress at Whitehaven show

And Dali might just be on to something — because the Zensor 1 AX is a good plan, well executed. Now, with this relatively small box and a smartphone in your pocket, you have all you need for musical entertainment. Features The Zensor 1 AXs are a pair of Zensor 1 speakers that will stand alone as a system, with just a source for company. Inside the left-channel speaker lies an amplifier that supplies the 2x 50W power to run both speakers. If you want to hard-wire a source in, there is a 3.

The fourth season of the television series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit premiered September 27, and ended May 16, on was the last .

Wai-Tung is in his late 20s, so his tradition-minded parents are eager to see him get married and have a child in order to continue the family line. When Wai-Tung’s parents hire a dating service, he and Simon stall for time by inventing impossible demands. They demand an opera singer and add that she must be 5’9″, have two PhDs, and speak five languages. The service actually locates a 5’8″ Chinese woman who sings Western opera, speaks five languages and has a single PhD.

She is very gracious when Wai-Tung explains his dilemma, as she, too, is hiding a relationship with a Caucasian man. At Simon’s insistence, Wai-Tung decides to marry one of his tenants, Wei-Wei, a penniless artist from mainland China in need of a green card. Before Wai-Tung’s parents arrive, Simon tells Wei-Wei everything she needs to know about Wai-Tung’s habits, body, and lifestyle, and the three take down all homosexual content from their house and replace it with traditional Chinese scrolls.

French translation of ‘date’

Balblair Whisky Competition To help celebrate the launch of the two latest vintage releases from the multi-award winning Balblair Highland single malt whisky distillery, were giving one of our followers the chance of winning a bottle of their dramspankingly new Vintage Second Edition. Balblair Vintage Second Edition , was matured in a combination of American oak and ex-bourbon casks for 13 years, before spending five years in first fill Spanish oak butts, and is said to be full-bodied with aromas of seasoned oak, baked red apples and fruitcake, followed by warming vanilla and ripe tropical stone fruits.

In addition to the Balblair Vintage Second Edition, the brand has also launched the third edition of its Vintage, which was matured in a combination of American oak and ex-bourbon casks for 24 years, before spending three years in first fill Spanish oak butts, and is said to be expansive and complex with rich citrus fruits and vanilla notes as well as toffee and chocolate. To be in with a chance of winning a bottle of the new Balblair Vintage Second Edition, Click Here and email us your contact details along with the phrase that dramming pays:

The Wedding Banquet (Chinese: 喜宴; pinyin: Xǐyàn; Wade–Giles: Hsi yen) is a romantic comedy film about a gay Taiwanese immigrant man who marries a mainland Chinese woman to placate his parents and get her a green plan backfires when his parents arrive in the United States to plan his wedding banquet and he has to hide the truth of his partner.

Do you actually want Harry and you go to court? Fuck, you probably still do. But, yes, he was never there for you and treated you like shit, but that was for like forty-percent of the time, otherwise, your relationship was blissful. I am calling out all your bullshit right now. He was home for like, what four months out of the year, and honestly, you guys were like strangers.

Let go of the past and move on. She was a good friend. Harry read the words, shocked of what they said, and kept reading them over and over again. Niall grabbed it, and read over it. Blackwood is really nice, I reckon it was expensive…ebony…? I only buy booze, anyway.

Herriard Green event boasted welly-throwing, china-smashing and more

The friends visit Auntie Wainwright to rent a bouncy castle for the annual parade. Compo and Clegg get stuck in two giant pipes. Where There’s Smoke, There’s Barbecue: The trio buy a portable barbecue from Auntie Wainwright. The trio drink too much home brew at a funeral tea. Smiler is selling security lights.

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The Paperblanks Academic diaries run for 18 months from the end of June until December Your card will not be charged until your order is dispatched. Don’t wait – order now and have the complete range to choose from. If you wait you may miss out on the one you really want! Android Jones Collection Android Jones’ kaleidoscopic and spiritual works are created in the digital space and are renowned for evoking transcendental states of consciousness. The ‘shaman of pop’ is a master of electro-mineralism, fusing Eastern iconography with futuristic projections from the realm of science fiction.

Aurelia The Aurelia range showcases the works of book-binding royalty. Pierre-Paul Dubuisson, the craftsman behind this highly embellished binding, became the kings official bookbinder in Embellished Manuscripts The Embellished Manuscript range inspires the artist within us all by collecting together excerpts, drawings and quotes from some of the greatest creative thinkers of our time.

It is decorated in the “Fanfare” style, popular from the ‘s to the ‘s. The time and skill required to produce such a binding ensured that it was only used for the most valuable of books, in this case “L’office de la Semaine Sainte” giving the rites and rituals to be performed during Holy Week, the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Paperblanks’ Fall Filigree series celebrates the beguiling tones of the changing seasons.

Paperblanks Diaries – 2019 Diaries & 2018-19 Academic 18 Month Diaries

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email More frozen vegetables have been recalled over fears they could be linked to a deadly bug. Supermarkets across the UK – including Tesco , Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Lidl and Iceland – have been forced to recall products after an outbreak of listeria.

The bug has reportedly been linked to the deaths of several people, including some in the UK. On Thursday the Food Standards Agency FSA issued an urgent recall of 43 products after warning that frozen sweetcorn is the likely source of listeriosis affecting five European countries. Listeriosis is a rare but serious foodborne illness caused by the bacterium listeria monocytogenes that can be more serious for those who have weakened immune systems including pregnant women, the elderly and infants, reported the Manchester Evening News.

In a statement, the body said:

An huge collection of all those strange English words and phrases combined in a dictionary of slang and colloquialisms of the UK.

Thousands flock to the largest travelling fairground in Europe to scream on G-force rides, while kids giggle as they hook a duck and the rest of us reminisce with the smells that take us back to our childhoods. The Hoppings at Newcastle 1. The fair was founded in and is held on the Town Moor covering acres. Some of your relatives in your family tree might have been there on its debut!

After years of dispute regarding the races, it was relocated again and The North of England Temperance Festival Association held a two-day event on the Town Moor in , attracting over , people. Some images at the Hoppings Sent in by Lesley Hudspith 3. For over the next 50 years, the fair carried on, introducing The Rotor, the first ever spinning wall ride in But the helter skelter and the merry-go-round remained firm favourites and still do to this day.

Can you remember them from your childhood? Girls in shades enjoying ice lollies at the Hoppings, Newcastle, in June, 5. She took ill while on the Moor and died in hospital from pneumonia at the age of

Mitch Alfus, Leather King. A Selby Movie

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